Please submit all entries through BNC. The early bird rate, available through Jan. 21 is $25. The fee increases by $10 for entries submitted Jan. 22-Feb. 20. No entries will be accepted after Feb. 20. 

Publication name and date must be visible.
There are two newspaper divisions:
• Large market – Circulation of 25,000 or more
• Small market – Circulation of less than 25,000
Small market publications may compete in the large market division for an additional $5 per entry.

60. In-depth Enterprise and Investigative Reporting: An article, package or series of stories on one topic that demonstrates exceptional investigative effort that is more than just the reporting of developing details. Reports must be developed through own initiative and expose a wrong or promote understanding of a problem, issue or subject in the public interest. May include one or more bylines.
61. Government Reporting: Coverage of city, county, state or federal government. Can be an article or package on one topic. Supplemental stories to help judges understand the topic may be included if clearly marked as such. No more than three bylines.
62. Election Reporting: An article, package or series of articles on one topic related to political candidates and/or issues. Limit series to three articles.
63. Spot News: First-day coverage of a breaking hard-news event. Sidebars may be included. 64. Feature Writing: Single story or package on a single topic. No more than two bylines.
65. Personal Column: A single column on any topic by an individual.
66. Editorial/Commentary: A single piece on a single topic by an individual.
67. General News Reporting: A single story on one topic. Sidebars may be included. No more than two bylines.
68. Criminal Justice Reporting: Coverage of any police or crime topic, including court reporting. Sidebars may be included. No more than two bylines.
69. Diversity Coverage: An article, package or series of stories that addresses personalities or issues relating to protected classes or minority status based on race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or age. No more than two bylines.
70. Education Reporting: An article, package or series on an education issue. No more than two bylines.
71. Science, Technology, Health and Environmental Reporting: An article, package or series on science, technology, health or the environment. No more than two bylines.
72. Business Reporting: An article, package or series. Includes business news or features. No more than two bylines.
73. Entertainment Feature: This category includes personality profiles. Submit a single story. No more than two bylines.
74. Arts Criticism: Submit three reviews by one person on theater, movies, music, books or related topic.
75. Leisure Writing: A single story on food, travel, fashion or related topic.
76. Sports Reporting: Single story and sidebars. No more than two bylines.
77. Sports Feature: Single story and sidebars. This includes profiles. No more than two bylines. 78. Sports Column: A single sports column by an individual.
ENTRIES must include a written caption, an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the image, and proof of publication.
79. General Photography: A single news or feature image where the presentation of the photographer has enhanced the original subject matter.
80. Sports Photography: A single image on a sports subject or in reaction to a sports event or subject.
81. Story/Photo Essay: A group of images relating to any one topic.
82. Spot News Photography: A single image of a breaking news event.
83. Page One Layout and Design: Submit front pages of one edition.
84. Feature Page Layout and Design: One page per entry.
85. Use of Graphic Illustration: Originally produced graphics by an individual. Include accompanying story.
86. Headlines: For each entry, submit three headlines written by one person. Please include related stories.
87. Best Newspaper: Submit two entire newspaper editions.