Please submit all entries through BNC. The early bird rate, available through Jan. 21 is $25. The fee increases by $10 for entries submitted Jan. 22-Feb. 20. No entries will be accepted after Feb. 20. 

20. General News: General reporting on any topic.
21. Spot News: Reporting of a spontaneous occurrence from the scene. Includes breaking news of any kind and weather reports.
22. Live Broadcast: A single program, special or series on any topic which is broadcast live or live-to-tape and consists of at least 70 percent live material. Time limit one (1) hour (up to three edits are allowed to bring longer programs to the time limit).
23. Documentary: An in-depth report or program that is at least 30 minutes in length which focuses on one particular subject or issue.
24. Special Program: A single, self-contained report or program which aired separately from a regularly scheduled newscast and is at least a half-hour program.
25. Feature: A single report included in a newscast and considered a relief or contrast to news reporting.
26. Investigative and In-depth Enterprise Reporting: Reporting of a community problem or issue requiring research and investigative journalism. Entry must be part of a regularly scheduled newscast or public affairs program.
27. Sports Reporting: Report of a sporting event or sports topic. Limit play-by-play reports to 30 minutes or less.
28. Consumer Reporting: A report or series of reports that exposes products or companies performing consumer disservice or that offers consumers news of new products or services.
29. Criminal Justice and Government Reporting: A report, program or series covering local, state or federal government issues, including but not limited to police affairs and crime topics. 30. Election Reporting: A report, series of reports or program on political candidates and/or issues. Limit series to three reports.
31. Health Reporting: A report, program or series covering medical or health issues.
32. Diversity Coverage: A report, series of reports or program that addresses personalities or issues relating to protected classes or minority status based on race, gender, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status or age.
33. Illustration/Graphic: Originally produced illustration or graphic by an individual. Include accompanying report.
34. Video Editing: Submit one example.
35. Videography: Submit one example. Judges will reward technical merit in the capturing of moving images on electronic media.
36. Best Newscast: Submit one regularly scheduled newscast. Indicate broadcast times.