Please submit all entries through BNC. The early bird rate, available through Jan. 21 is $25. The fee increases by $10 for entries submitted Jan. 22-Feb. 20. No entries will be accepted after Feb. 20. 

Open to all organizations. All entries must be in-house work.
37. Online Writing: Content should be produced by a staff member and published only on the Web.
38. Breaking News Coverage: Online coverage throughout the period of a breaking-news event. Provide screen-shots or URLs from the first hours after the event plus updates and additions. 39. Election Coverage: An article, series of articles or project related to political candidates and/or issues. Limit series to three articles.
40. Special Report/Enterprise: Reporting on a single subject.
41. Blog: Blogs are defined as regular postings of commentary or opinion. Submit three postings.
42. Multimedia: Any project that utilizes a combination of content platforms.
43. Video Journalism: Entries should consist of online-originated video journalism crafted specifically for the Web, and may include a single story or up to three examples from a series on a single topic. Slideshows in a video format are not eligible.
44. Slideshow: Journalism presented in slideshow format.
45. Interactive Graphic or Resource: Journalism presented as an interactive chart, graphic, mobile application, unique database, site or other resource created for the public.
46. Web Design: Submit Web site address. Judges will consider such factors as attractiveness, content placement, ease of use.
47. Online Community Engagement: Submit website addresses for social engagement sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr), and/or email newsletters or campaigns. Judges will evaluate site layout and features, tone, quality of conversation and reader participation.
48. Best Website: Entries will be judged on original content, design, creative use of technology, ease of navigation and originality. Submit the URL and a letter detailing how the site originated, how often it is updated, extent of interactivity and the number of visitors a day. Special features should be explained.